S01E22 - Rogue Air

Air date: 2015-05-12

When Harrison activates the particle accelerator, the team has no choice but to evacuate the five metahuman prisoners. Unfortunately, with time running out, Barry has no choice but to turn to Captain Cold for help. Meanwhile, Eddie escapes but has some surprising news for Iris.

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Genres: Drama
  • S01E01

    City of Heroes

  • S01E02

    Fastest Man Alive

  • S01E03

    Things You Can't Outrun

  • S01E04

    Going Rogue

  • S01E05


  • S01E06

    The Flash is Born

  • S01E07

    Power Outage

  • S01E08

    Flash vs. Arrow

  • S01E09

    The Man in the Yellow Suit

  • S01E10

    Revenge of the Rogues

  • S01E11

    The Sound and the Fury

  • S01E12

    Crazy for You

  • S01E13

    The Nuclear Man

  • S01E14


  • S01E15

    Out of Time

  • S01E16

    Rogue Time

  • S01E17


  • S01E18

    All-Star Team Up

  • S01E19

    Who Is Harrison Wells?

  • S01E20

    The Trap

  • S01E21

    Grodd Lives

  • S01E22

    Rogue Air

  • S01E23

    Fast Enough

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