S01E03 - Wujing

Air date: 2013-10-07

The FBI is on the hunt for a high-ranking Chinese spy, Wujing which Red claims has hired him to help decode a classified CIA transmission. Liz, posing as an FBI cryptographer goes with Red to decode the message while protecting US government secrets. Meanwhile, Liz proactively investigates Tom.

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Genres: Drama Crime Mystery
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  • S01E02

    The Freelancer

  • S01E03


  • S01E04

    The Stewmaker

  • S01E05

    The Courier

  • S01E06

    Gina Zanetakos

  • S01E07

    Frederick Barnes

  • S01E08

    General Ludd

  • S01E09

    Anslo Garrick (1)

  • S01E10

    Anslo Garrick (2)

  • S01E11

    The Good Samaritan Killer

  • S01E12

    The Alchemist

  • S01E13

    The Cyprus Agency

  • S01E14

    Madeline Pratt

  • S01E15

    The Judge

  • S01E16

    Mako Tanida

  • S01E17


  • S01E18

    Milton Bobbit

  • S01E19

    The Pavlovich Brothers

  • S01E20

    The Kingmaker

  • S01E21

    Berlin (1)

  • S01E22

    Berlin: Conclusion (2)

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