Seasons: 9 | First air date: 2011-06-23

While running from a drug deal gone bad, Mike Ross, a brilliant young college-dropout, slips into a job interview with one of New York City's best legal closers, Harvey Specter. Tired of cookie-cutter law school grads, Harvey takes a gamble by hiring Mike on the spot after he recognizes his raw talent and photographic memory.

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Genres: Drama
  • S01E01


  • S01E02

    Errors and Omissions

  • S01E03

    Inside Track

  • S01E04

    Dirty Little Secrets

  • S01E05

    Bail Out

  • S01E06

    Tricks of the Trade

  • S01E07

    Play the Man

  • S01E08

    Identity Crisis

  • S01E09


  • S01E10

    Shelf Life

  • S01E11

    Rules of the Game

  • S01E12

    Dog Fight

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