S01E18 - UnSEALed

Air date: 2004-04-06

The team is looking for an ex-SEAL who escaped from prison in search of revenge. He is determined to find the real murderer of his wife.

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Genres: Crime Drama
  • S01E01

    Yankee White

  • S01E02

    Hung Out to Dry

  • S01E03


  • S01E04

    The Immortals

  • S01E05

    The Curse

  • S01E06

    High Seas

  • S01E07

    Sub Rosa

  • S01E08

    Minimum Security

  • S01E09

    Marine Down

  • S01E10

    Left for Dead

  • S01E11

    Eye Spy

  • S01E12

    My Other Left Foot

  • S01E13

    One Shot, One Kill

  • S01E14

    The Good Samaritan

  • S01E15


  • S01E16

    Bête Noire

  • S01E17

    The Truth Is Out There

  • S01E18


  • S01E19

    Dead Man Talking

  • S01E20


  • S01E21

    Split Decision

  • S01E22

    A Weak Link

  • S01E23


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