Murder, She Wrote

Seasons: 12 | First air date: 1984-09-30

An unassuming mystery writer turned sleuth uses her professional insight to help solve real-life homicide cases.

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Genres: Crime Drama Mystery
  • S01E01

    The Murder of Sherlock Holmes

  • S01E02

    Deadly Lady

  • S01E03

    Birds of a Feather

  • S01E04

    Hooray for Homicide

  • S01E05

    It's a Dog's Life

  • S01E06

    Lovers and Other Killers

  • S01E07

    Hit, Run and Homicide

  • S01E08

    We're Off to Kill the Wizard

  • S01E09

    Death Takes a Curtain Call

  • S01E10

    Death Casts a Spell

  • S01E11

    Capitol Offense

  • S01E12

    Broadway Malady

  • S01E13

    Murder to a Jazz Beat

  • S01E14

    My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean

  • S01E15

    Paint Me a Murder

  • S01E16

    Tough Guys Don't Die

  • S01E17

    Sudden Death

  • S01E18

    Footnote to Murder

  • S01E19

    Murder Takes the Bus

  • S01E20

    Armed Response

  • S01E21

    Murder at the Oasis

  • S01E22

    Funeral at Fifty-Mile

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