S01E05 - Shake Your Groove Thing

Air date: 2005-04-24

Meredith realizes that she must take on a lot more responsibility when she is told that her mother needs to sign over all of her assets to her. As Izzie prepares to have a party for her boyfriend Hank (the scale of which is unknown to Meredith), Meredith has her first heart surgery. During the surgery she fears that she has fallen asleep and damaged the patient's heart. Meanwhile, Cristina and Burke hit it off. At the party, Meredith and Derek get caught together by Dr. Bailey.

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Genres: Drama
  • S01E01

    A Hard Day's Night

  • S01E02

    The First Cut is the Deepest

  • S01E03

    Winning a Battle, Losing the War

  • S01E04

    No Man's Land

  • S01E05

    Shake Your Groove Thing

  • S01E06

    If Tomorrow Never Comes

  • S01E07

    The Self-Destruct Button

  • S01E08

    Save Me

  • S01E09

    Who's Zoomin' Who?

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