S01E26 - Wings of Flame

Air date: 2010-04-19

Natsu struggles against the strongest of the Element 4—but a surprise blow from an armor-switching warrior knocks the wind right out of Aria! Meanwhile, Lucy is back in the sinister Jose’s grips after a heavy-handed jerk overpowers her protectors.

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Genres: Animation Comedy
  • S01E01

    The Fairy Tail

  • S01E02

    Fire Dragon, Monkey, and Bull

  • S01E03

    Infiltrate the Everlue Mansion

  • S01E04

    Dear Kaby

  • S01E05

    The Wizard in Armor

  • S01E06

    Fairies in the Wind

  • S01E07

    Flame and Wind

  • S01E08

    The Strongest Team

  • S01E09

    Natsu Devours a Village

  • S01E10

    Natsu vs. Erza

  • S01E11

    The Cursed Island

  • S01E12

    Moon Drip

  • S01E13

    Natsu vs. Yuka the Wave User

  • S01E14

    Just Do Whatever!!

  • S01E15

    Eternal Magic

  • S01E16

    The Final Showdown on Galuna Island

  • S01E17


  • S01E18

    Reach the Sky Above

  • S01E19


  • S01E20

    Natsu and the Dragon Egg

  • S01E21

    The Phantom Lord

  • S01E22

    Lucy Heartfilia

  • S01E23

    15 Minutes

  • S01E24

    To Keep From Seeing Those Tears

  • S01E25

    A Flower Blooms in the Rain

  • S01E26

    Wings of Flame

  • S01E27

    The Two Dragon Slayers

  • S01E28

    Fairy Law

  • S01E29

    My Resolve

  • S01E30

    Next Generation

  • S01E31

    A Star Removed from the Sky

  • S01E32

    Celestial Spirit King

  • S01E33

    The Tower of Heaven

  • S01E34


  • S01E35

    Voice of Darkness

  • S01E36

    Heaven's Game

  • S01E37

    Armor of the Heart

  • S01E38


  • S01E39

    Give Our Prayers to the Sacred Light

  • S01E40

    Titania Falls

  • S01E41


  • S01E42

    Battle of Fairy Tail

  • S01E43

    Defeat Your Friends to Save Your Friends

  • S01E44

    Thunder Palace

  • S01E45

    Advent of Satan

  • S01E46

    Clash at Kardia Cathedral!

  • S01E47

    Triple Dragons

  • S01E48


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