S01E17 - Burst

Air date: 2010-02-08

Natsu puts the heat on the masked wizard and crumbles his plans to use Deliora for himself. The mystery of the village’s curse is yet to be solved—Erza prepares to take down the purple moon looming over the island!

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Genres: Animation Comedy
  • S01E01

    The Fairy Tail

  • S01E02

    Fire Dragon, Monkey, and Bull

  • S01E03

    Infiltrate the Everlue Mansion

  • S01E04

    Dear Kaby

  • S01E05

    The Wizard in Armor

  • S01E06

    Fairies in the Wind

  • S01E07

    Flame and Wind

  • S01E08

    The Strongest Team

  • S01E09

    Natsu Devours a Village

  • S01E10

    Natsu vs. Erza

  • S01E11

    The Cursed Island

  • S01E12

    Moon Drip

  • S01E13

    Natsu vs. Yuka the Wave User

  • S01E14

    Just Do Whatever!!

  • S01E15

    Eternal Magic

  • S01E16

    The Final Showdown on Galuna Island

  • S01E17


  • S01E18

    Reach the Sky Above

  • S01E19


  • S01E20

    Natsu and the Dragon Egg

  • S01E21

    The Phantom Lord

  • S01E22

    Lucy Heartfilia

  • S01E23

    15 Minutes

  • S01E24

    To Keep From Seeing Those Tears

  • S01E25

    A Flower Blooms in the Rain

  • S01E26

    Wings of Flame

  • S01E27

    The Two Dragon Slayers

  • S01E28

    Fairy Law

  • S01E29

    My Resolve

  • S01E30

    Next Generation

  • S01E31

    A Star Removed from the Sky

  • S01E32

    Celestial Spirit King

  • S01E33

    The Tower of Heaven

  • S01E34


  • S01E35

    Voice of Darkness

  • S01E36

    Heaven's Game

  • S01E37

    Armor of the Heart

  • S01E38


  • S01E39

    Give Our Prayers to the Sacred Light

  • S01E40

    Titania Falls

  • S01E41


  • S01E42

    Battle of Fairy Tail

  • S01E43

    Defeat Your Friends to Save Your Friends

  • S01E44

    Thunder Palace

  • S01E45

    Advent of Satan

  • S01E46

    Clash at Kardia Cathedral!

  • S01E47

    Triple Dragons

  • S01E48


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